A Snack and a Nap

My niece, Lily, just barely turned one. She is adorable and fun and… reminds me of what it was like to have a little one around. It’s amazing how quickly you forget all the little things you once had to do as soon as your children grow beyond a certain stage. The fun thing about Lily is I don’t have to do all the hard work – my sister does – which gives  me more time to observe. From watching Lily, and noticing the habits of some bigger kids, too (also known as adults), I have decided that many of the world’s problems could be solved with

1) A snack, and/or

2) A nap

If Lily is fussy or just not herself she usually becomes right as rain after one of the two above events.

The last time you got seriously ticked off or offended were you tired or hungry? Food and sleep may not solve every problem, but I think they could lessen the world’s troubles greatly. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your adrenals can’t reset and therefore can’t do things like balance your moods and manage stress. When you’re not feeding your body properly you will become malnourished (or crash from lack of energy) and have a bleak outlook on life. There are a lot of people who get angry when they are hungry. You know the term: hangry? It’s probably been put into Webster’s dictionary by now. Managing anger is a lot easier with a rested and well-fed body.

The majority of adults don’t sleep enough or eat properly. If we could get more people focusing on those two issues, we would have a much happier planet.

Just sayin’… it works for Lily.

Super cute Lily Rose

Super cute Lily Rose