Pre-Release Book Party in Charleston

I have the good fortune to live in Austin, Texas, but must admit that part of my heart resides in Charleston, South Carolina. The scrolling ironwork and expansive porches have an unmistakable charm.  On Saturday mornings, the farmers market in Marion Square is full of amazing produce and low country wares while the kindness of strangers abounds. The food is amazing just about everywhere you turn, and to sail on the Charleston harbor is one of life’s gifts to the soul.

Charleston is also home to an avid group of foodies and farmers who know just how important farm-fresh food really is. One of my favorite restaurant owners there hosted the pre-release party for Broken Vessel Restored at The Park Café on Rutledge Avenue on July 7th. Karalee Nielsen Fallert supplied our celebration with plates of local pickled vegetables, mussels, roasted cauliflower, and a local head lettuces salad that was to die for.

All local - all fresh

All local – all fresh

The conversation about the book touched on nutrition, thyroid issues, hormones, and toxicity. Personal stories were shared and favorite doctors discussed.

Locals came out in support

Just a few of the attendees:Harriett Lee, Wendy Ezelle, Wanda J. Cooper, Miranda Jordan, Kelly Baldwin, and Karalee Nielsen Fallert

With amazing food and a wonderful group to share this moment with, it was yet another memorable night in Charleston. Thank you to the many people who came out to support the upcoming release of Broken Vessel Restored!